Tuesday 21st of February 2006

Sorry for the website which is not update .I have a problem with internet .As far as Samuel is concerned , he finished 2nd at the french national but he didn't take part at the european championship .Thanks at saveral persons who has made banners in order to say that we think to Samuel !About the website ,you can discover several photos about french national .


Monday 21st of november 2005

This last weekend samuel compete at the Eric Bompard Trophy .He made a very good competition : 8e after the short program ,4e after free program .Thus he finished 5e .Cheer to you Samuel !! There will be lots of suprise to the nexy french championship !You can discover the first photos about this competition .Thank so much to Litou !



Thursday 3rd of november 2005

Samuel compete at the skate romania from 2 to 5 november .Good luck Samuel !!New photos about masters




Wenesday 19th of october 2005

New video in fan zone : samuel's exhibition at the imperial in december 2004


Thursday 6th of october 2005

This new season begin withthe "Masters" in Reims where Samuel finished second ! It's a great begining for this new season congratulations samuel !! You can discover the first photos about this competition in Fanzone .


Monday 12th of september 2005

Samuel will compete at the next Karl Schäffer Memorial in Vienne in France from 11 october to 15 october . It's very important to underline the fact that contrary to several skaters , he will not patinate in order to be selected for the Olympic Games in 2006 . Good luck Samuel !!!!!


Saturday 10th of September 2005

Hi everybody , I whish that you have passed good hollydays . A new season will begin in two weeks and that's why this website has got a new design !

About Samuel , he was on probation during this summer and made his new program :

- short program : Don't let me be Misunderstood

- free program : Schindler's list 

Don't forget the next competition : Masters in Reims from  29th of September to 2nd of October :

- thursday 29 : officials trainings

- friday 30 : short programs

- saturday 1 st : free programs

- sunday 2nd : exhibition

Wednesday 16th of March 2005

Samuel did a great job with finishing 5th in his qualification group at the World Championchips on monday. He is currently 10th in the general classification. This is a great surprise! But Samuel couldn't maintain the pressure and had 3 falls in the short program and finished 26th which meant that he wasn't able to attend the long program. But i still want to congratulate you for an extraoridnary season with a lot of tension and surprises! You will have enough chances to show you talent and show that you are one of the future figure skaters in France! I also think that the experinces which you made at the World Championchips will help you to learn and progress. We are very proud of you no matter what happens!

Monday 7th of March 2005

Samuel finsihed first at the "Coupe Axel Gap". Once again Congratulations to the first place! News on the site: New photos from the "Coupe Axel Gap".

Friday 4th of March 2005

Happy Birthday Samuel! I hope all your wishes come true, you really deserve it! If you want to congratulate him, you can do so in the forum!

Tuesday 1st of March 2005

Samuel will compete at the nest "Coupe Axel Gap" on the 5th and 6th of march. Like you can guess this competition will be held in Gap, so don't hesitate to come and cheer for Samuel. He is also practicing very hard for the next World Championchips in Mocow, Go Samuel! I hope you reach the goal you desire and train for!

Friday 18th of Februrary 2005

Site update: a new Background for the board, the ranking list has been updated, too, and as you can see I have modified the design of the buttons. I hope you like the new site! There will also be an english version of the site during the next weeks. This takes some time, because Samuel is going to participate at international competitions.

Tuesday 15th of Februrary 2005

Samuel finished first at the "Trophée des Ducs de Bourgogne" even if he had some problems with his jumps in the short program and the long program. Congrats! There is also an update: new photos from the "Nice Cup" 2004 and a new clip from his long program at the "Masters" 2004 are available.

Wednesday 9th of Februrary 2005

Hello! Small addition: this weekend the "Throhpée des Ducs de Bourgogne" will be held in Dijon where Samuel will also participate. I hope you don't hesitate to come and cheer for him. Here is the shedule for the senior short program: Saturday the 12th of Februrary at 17.32 and the shedule for the senior long program: Sunday the 13th of Februrary at 17.35
A few weeks ago Samuel and Géraldine Zullini posted a message in the forum :" We wanted to know if you could do a poll for music for an exhibition? And you could give us your opinion about other music choices for programs." So don't hesitate to give your opinion in the forum.
Like you may have been noticed already there has been some modifications at the main page. I hope you all like it. I am going to add new photos and a new contact page. There are still some problems, but these are going to be resoluted, so don't worry. I also have a very good message for you to announce: It's official that Samuel will participate at the next Worldchampionchips in Moscow in march. Samuel, you can be really proud of yourself! I am going to give you more information about the dates and airdates for the television in the next weeks.

Friday 28th of January 2005

The competition is over. Not only did Samuel a surprise but he also finsihed 9th! He can be really proud of himself like we are, too, because it was very good for the first time competing at a European Championships! Once again Congrats! You really deserve to be in the top 10! Also means that you are an extraordinary figure skater! Furthermore we have to note that if Samuel classyfies himself in the top 12, he is a potential canditat to represent France during the next Olympic Games in 2006!

Thursday 27th of January 2005

This evening Samuel will skate the Long Program in the group before last in 17th position. Good luck for today eveing! Everything's possible, we can only wish that you'll give your maxima and end up in the top 10!

Wednesday 26th of January

The Short Program finished today! And if you listened well to the Eusosport commentators you could see that Samuel was the surprise in the Short Program! In the end Samuel showed that he wanted to be in the top 12 and succeded! He finished 8th with a great Short Program with a magnificent triple axel, a triple lutz and a triple flip double toe in combination.

Tuesday 25th of January 2005

Hello everybody! Tomorrow starts the Men's competition at the recent European Championchips in Turin. Samuel trained very well during the past weeks and we wish him "Good luck"! We wish him the best! Go go go Samuel! Furthermore the Short Program is going to be aired tomorrow at 13.00 and Samuel starts in 4th place. So keep your fingers crossed for him!

Thursday 13th of January 2005

Hello! News about samuel: he will compete at the "Coupe de Dijon" on the 12nd and 13rd Februrary 2005. And don't forget that the European Championchips start in less than 10 days, where Samuel is going to participate for the first time. Once again Good luck Samuel! News on the site: I refreshed the photo page with some new photos from the last weekend.

Wednesday 12th of January 2005

Hello to everybody! I added all the videos I have from the Bofrost Cup on Ice 2004 and a video from the TEB. I also created a calendar for 2005 which is available at the photo page 2004-2005.

Tuesday 11th of January 2005

Hello! I finally uploaded the video, so you can download the short program from TEB. There are also new photos available! Have fun!

Monday 3rd of January 2005

Happy new Year to you all! I wish you only the best! And a happy new year to Samuel, too! May the begining of the end of the season as good as the beginning!

Saturday 25th of December 2004

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you are all being spoiled! And don't eat too much choclate ;) Concerning the page I have some updates at the photo page: Thank you to all the people who gave me the photos from the French Nationals!

Tuesday 14th of December 2004

Hello! Update on the page: New photos from the Bofrost Cup on Ice are available. Thanks to Petra and Kerstin who authorized me to put them up! In addition i did some modifications at the photo page and i hope that the new look will give pleasure!

Sunday 12th of December 2004

Hello! What to say about this weekend but Samuel continues to amaze us from competition to competition! Yes, he did an excellent long program and finishes third overall! A wonderful bronze medal which is deserved and shows his braveness! Sam, continue that and you will go to the European Championchips! For those who didn't see the Gala yet: Don't forget the air dates on France 3 at 16.30 so you can watch the great exhibition from Samuel.

Friday 10th of December 2004

Hello! The French Nationals Championchips started today and Samuel is in a very good shape that's why he skated a grea short program! He classified 4th and he is situated only a few tenth parts behind Stanick Jeannette who is third. Go Samuel and do your best tomorrow! We believe in the bronze medal which you totally deserve! Good luck for the long program, we are right behind you no matter if we are in the arena or just in your thoughts!

Tuesday 7th of December 2004

Added new photos from a weekend in Annecy with a summary. You can find it in the forum. Concerning Samuel: He leaves tomorrow for Rennes for the French Nationals which will be held this weekend. Good luck to Samuel!

Wednesday 1st of December 2004

Hello! Like you may already noticed, i had some problems with some photos at the page, i think it was because of the free server, i hope those problems wil be fixed soon so you can see some new photos from the Nice Cup and the TEB

Sunday 26th of November 2004

Hey! The Bofrost Cup is finished and Samuel placed 4th! Congrats to you, Samuel! Also Congrats to your overall 33th place at the Grand Prix which is pretty good for the first participation! I am proud of you! Continue to amaze us! Here you have the marks Samuel got for the long program:
102.73 53.07 49.66 4.83 5.00 4.92 5.00 5.08

Friday 26th of November 2004

Hello! The first part of the Bofrost Cup on Ice finished today with the Jump Competition. Samuel finished 4th! Go Samuel, do your best tomorrow, we know you are capable of that! Good luck! Here are the details of his marks:
TSS= TES+ TCS+ Deduction-
25.10 25.10 0.00 0.00
Concering the page: there are some new photos from the Nice Cup and TEB available.

Wednesday 24th of November 2004

Hello! Samuel is going to participate at the Bofrost Cup on Ice 2004 at the 26th to the 28th of November along with some international skaters. Good luck to Samuel. Show us your best!

Monday 22nd of November 2004

Hello to everybody, the TEB finished and Samuel showed a great performance for his first international Grand Prix! Congrats Samuel! He finished 9th overall! Here are his notes:
94.32 46.02 49.30 4.95 4.70 5.05 5.10 4.85 1.00
If you want further information go here: http://www.isufs.org/results/gpfra04/index.htm
In addition the Annecy club organises a gala every year. It will be on the 1st up to the 22nd of December. There will be two shows per day at 15.00 and 17.00 on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and the SGA skaters will participate there. One show is 24 minutes long. So, don't hesitate to go and watch!

Friday 19th of November 2004

Hello! Here are the first results from the short program where Samuel classified 9th , because on a fault at the triple lutz. His marks:
49.40 25.10 25.30 5.05 4.75 5.05 5.20 5.25 1.00
Stay confident Samuel you can still place higher in the lomg program! I wish you te best!

Thursday 18th of November 2004

Tomorrow starts the Throphée Eric Bompard the french Grand Prix where Samuel will also participate for the first time! We wish you good luck Samuel, amaze us once again! For those who won't be able to go to the arena the competition will be aired at "France télévision" at 16.50 and at "paris première" on Saturday at 20.45. Get your VCR ready!!!

Monday 15th of November 2004

New photos are available: short program photos fro teh Nice Cup and new captures from the "Triple Sauts", thanks to Panthy! I addition you can find a summary from the Grenoble Cup, thanks to Oli!

Saturday 13th of November 2004

Hello! Site update: added my photos from the Nice Cup, those from the short program still missed and I also had to add some from other people, which were given to me later. There is also a summary from the Nice Cup available such as a new interview. Have a nice read!

Monday 8th of November

Hello hello! As you know the Nice Cup was sheduled for the past weekend: the summary from the competition is on the Samuel Contesti forum available. Samuel did a great job and had super performanc. He finished 2nd ahead of Stanick Jeannette. That's why he is going to participate at TEB to replace Stanick Jeannette. So we won't do the Grenoble Cup. In addition many people thought that Samuel could have also placed 1st if he didn't do a small mistake on a jump, what a pity... But this 2nd place is still fantastic! He fighted through it and did his best during the long program! He audience was also euphoric! He deserved a standing ovation! Here are his marks:
-short program
tech: 5.4 5.1 5.2 4.9 4.7
presentation: 5.4 5.2 5.4 5.0 4.9
-long program
tech: 5.5 5.3 5.5 5.4 5.4
presentation: 5.5 5.4 5.7 5.4 5.5
Congrats Samuel, you really amazed us!

Tuesday 2nd November 2004

Hello hello! At the weekend of the 14th November is going to be the Grenoble Cup and Samuel is going to participate there. Right at the moment i am not sure whether the competition will be held the whole weekend or just one day. Still, don't hesitate to go and cheer for Samuel!

Monday 1st of November 2004

Hello to everybody! It's official: the French National Championchips will be in Rennes. The competition will last 4 days with an Exhibition to have a nice end of the week, but nothing is really sure at the moment... Concerning the page there are a few changes at the site and the fan page.

Sunday 31st of October 2004

Hello to everybody! I modificated the site to make it look more nice! That means that i changed the creation page completely which is now named the fan zone. As you can see the place is differently , so i hope you like it! Small change in the biography as well. Have a nice weekend!

Saturday 23rd of October 2004

Hello to everybody! From the 4th to 7th November will be held the international Nice Cup. Samuel skates along other french skaters like Yannick Ponsero and Grégory Reverdiau! Good luck to Samuel, you definitely deserve to land on the podium!

Wednesday 20th of October 2004

Hello everybody! Another small change on the photo and clip page. As you may already dicovered i also changed the background, so every page has a different one.

Monday 18th of October 2004

Hello to everybody! I added new photos from the French National Championchips 2003. These are screen captures taken by myself that's why the quality is not the best. Small note: the photos are placed in the right order of Samuel's long program. I hope you all like it!

Saturday 16th of October 2004

Hello to everyone! OK, i changed he photo page a little bit , which means a completely different order and place. I hope you like this. If you have some photos and you want them to be added here don't hesitate to send them to me! It is my pleasure to put them on the site! I thnak all those people who already sent me some photos! These are great! Thanks again!

Wednesday 13th of October 2004

Hello everyone! At the video section you can download now the new short program from the Masters 2004! Have fun with it!

Monday 11th of October 2004

Hello to everybody! Here are the results from the Merano Cup where Samuel participated in: he finsihed 1st!!!! Congratulations to Samuel, continue like that, your start of the season seems very promising. Good luck for the future! As you perhpas already noticed i changed background of the page and hope you'll like it! I try my best to develop the page more and more! Thanks for your support.

Thursday 7th of October 2004

Hello! I finished the modification of the guestbook, so don't hesitate to post your comments. I hope you all like the new version. Don't forget to keep Samuel in your mind, because his competition starts tomorrow. Good luck to you samuel and don't forget you are always in our thoughts.

Wednesday 6th of October 2004

Hello all! I am really sorry for the delay of news and updates, but I had some difficulties. I had to change the guestbook as you can see it is totally white and I hope I can change it soon. Also don't hesitate to post something at the forum! All your comments are welcome! Now let's talk about more serious things. I added the results from the Masters event! Samuel had a great performance, that's why he placed second.
Here are his marks:
Tech: 5.0 5.1 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.4 5.4 5.6
Presentation: 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.4 5.4 5.6 5.6 5.7
At the long program he had a nearly perfect presentation, but unfortunately the judges didn't rewarded this:
Tech: 5.1 5.1 5.1 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.4 5.4
Presentation: 4.9 5.1 5.2 5.2 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.5
The marks caused the 4th place. That's why this competition offers a great perspective for the next competitions. He'll fight for all and will be a serious competitor! Go go go Samuel!
Talking about upcoming competitions, Samuel will participate at a competition in Merano in Italy from the 8th to the 19th of October. Good luck to him and I hope he gets a beautiful medal!

Wednesday 15th of September 2004

A few days ago the French federation announced the entrances for Masters in "Chalons en Champagne" from the 17th to the 19th of September. Samuel will be there, too! Good luck to you Samuel! You can find Samuel's first interview in the forum now! If you have some other questions you want him to answer don't hesitate to send them to me so that I can ask him at Masters.

Tuesday 14th of September 2004

Now it happened; what many people already waited for! Today opened the first and official page from Samuel Contesti! I hope you all like the site and that of course Samuel enjoys it, too! I try to update it very often and add many photos and other things. I have to thank once again all those people who made this all possible: first of all Samuel, who actually allowed me do this, Marjo, who helped me to develop the page and of course all the people who permitted me to use their photos! See you soon!